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Scuba Equipment

* Leisure Pro Online Dive Shop

*Welcome To Berry Scuba

* SCUBA diving equipment at Divers Discount Supply. Brand Names at big savings

* SCUBA diving equipment at Divers Supply the Worlds largest Diving Dealer

Scuba Link

* Scuba Diving Magazine

* Catalina Island: Scuba Diving

* Scuba Diving Adventures of the Big Island of Hawaii

* Big Island Divers

* Eco-Adventures

* Windward Dive Shop

* OCREGISTER.COM: Weather: Ocean conditions

* [rec.scuba] FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Scuba, Monthly Posting

* Eric's SCUBA links!

* Roger's Scuba Clip-Art Collection

* Rick's Delphi Scuba Sig's Page (Link's & More)

* Three Routes North America Diving Directory

* WorldWide Diving Directory - information on a worldwide basis for scuba diving travelers. Information on companies catering to divers is shown based on location.

* Brad's Scuba and Other Stuff

* Chauncy's - Wetfun - World Wide Web Diving Resources links. Rebreather and commercial links as well as sport, diving and adventure travel.

* Deep Tech Oceans - About the companies and people who make their living in the undersea.

* DiveNet

* Divers Alert Network (DAN) - Promoting safety, education, and research of the scuba diving environment. Emergency medical advice and expert information for the diving public.

* Eric's SCUBA Page! - Features Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest, including over 50 dive site reviews, lots of pictures, and information for technical divers including a page on rebreathers

* Let's Go Shore Dive'n' on the Kona Coast - Diving off the shores of Kona, Hawaii is as good as it gets. Why? Check us out.

* NAUI - Official site for the National Association of Underwater Instructors for use by scuba divers of all associations to promote diving safety and education.

* New Jersey SCUBA Diving - Articles, pictures, and information for and about divers in New Jersey, or anywhere! Advertising links and web space for dive-related companies and organizations available.

* SCUBA Dudes - pictures from the underwater caves of the Yucatan.

* SCUBA Information (UNLV)

* Scuba World Page

* Sea Frontiers Magazine

* TravelBase Scuba Guide - A comprehensive guide to scuba diving, including every directory of every scuba shop in the U.S.

* UK Diving

* Underwater Photographs From Around Australia - Photographs from the Great Barrier Reef and diving sites around Melbourne.

* YMCA Scuba Program

* Usenet - rec.scuba

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